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What The Funk is a Funktional Food?

Funktional foods are foods your body needs to function properly. Foods crammed with nutrients hard to get anywhere else but essential for you to feel fit, funky and ready for anything.


No Frills!

We don’t think you need fancy packaging to sell a great product. Instead we source the best organic and non-organic superfood from across the planet, pop it in a pouch and give people the chance to eat well and feel good about it.


No Fuss!

We think life should be easy. We also think eating healthy food should be a hassle-free thing to do every day – that’s why our powders, berries and seeds are easy to use. Sprinkle into smoothies, stir into soups or mix into cakes – the original fast food.


No Fillers!

Our superfoods undergo rigorous tests before they are allowed the Funktional seal of approval. Our food is clean of microbes, heavy metals and pesticides – full of life, not nasties or add-ins, just the way mother nature intended, and you should never argue with your mother!


No Nonsense!

At Funktional Foods we believe high quality superfoods should be for everyone, that is why we make them as affordable as possible. We also think that helping people along the way to producing them is an important thing to do. This is why we treat our farmers fairly by giving them a good price for their harvests – affordable for you, sustainable for our farmers – no nonsense good karma.

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