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What The Funk is a Funktional Food?

With Funktional Foods, what you see is what you get. Our superfoods are crammed with nutrients and easy to use, saving you the hassle so you can stay funky.


No Frills

We believe you don’t need fancy packaging to sell a great product. Instead, we let our products speak for themselves. We’d rather invest in the highest quality superfoods, pop them in a pouch and give you the chance to eat well without breaking the bank. Everyone wins.


No Fuss

Since when did healthy eating have to be complicated and costly? At Funktional Foods we believe high quality superfoods should be affordable for everyone. Get all the nutrients that your body needs to function best whilst on your tight schedule. No time to chop veggies up for hours? Never fear, Funktional Foods are here!


No Fillers

Our superfoods undergo rigorous tests before they are allowed the Funktional seal of approval. Our food is clean of microbes, heavy metals and pesticides. They’re full of life, no nasties or add-ins. It’s just the way mother nature intended, and you should never argue with your mother!

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