No Frills. No Fuss. No Fillers.

Frankly, there’s not that much to say about us. It’s not that we’re shy but all we have to offer are superfoods sourced and packed for you to enjoy… that’s it really. We like to be upfront; affordable prices and no surprises. We only use natural ingredients – our superfoods are pretty funky just the way they are.
You’re still here? Fine, pull up a chair.

Our ethos is simple:

  • We break the stereotype that superfoods are niche – we make them affordable and available yet still as nourishing.
  • Affordable does not have to mean we cut corners – our foods are rigorously tested and sourced from quality and respected suppliers around the world.
  • Treating people fairly matters to us –  we support our farmers with fair prices and strive to use ethical and sustainable practices. Real success is where everyone wins.




Funktional Foods HQ

Funktional Foods

The North Barn

Sulis Down Business Village