Cacao Powder

Cacao – The Chocolatey One

Wanna get happy? Get some cacao powder into your diet. Cacao is one of the most awesome plants on the planet; stuffed full of amazing ‘feel good’ nutrients it has been loved for centuries by the Aztecs and Incas and they knew a thing or two about growing it, eating it and worshipping it.

Cacao is also full of brilliant minerals such as magnesium, copper and iron, which help alleviate stress, tiredness and gets our brains firing on all cylinders.

All this wow without the refined sugars or fats of chocolate.  Give it a go in anything that you use cocoa or chocolate for; especially good on baking days in cookies and cakes or for making a guilt free, steaming mug of healthy hot chocolate – yes there is such a thing.

  • High in copper which protects cells against oxidative stress
  • Super source of iron for combating tiredness
  • High in magnesium for mental alertness
  • High in potassium which contributes to normal blood pressure

Cacao Powder Nutritional Information

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