Boost your protein intake with these 3 plants

Boost your protein intake with these 3 plants

Are you on a plant-based diet and concerned you’re not getting your protein in? Plants are here to help. Below are three superfoods that are loaded with nutrients and naturally high in protein.

Hemp Protein Powder

We love hemp, and so will your muscles. It’s around 50% protein but also packed with minerals and vitamins. Fast recovery, strong bones, and lean muscle all sound pretty good right? 

Hemp contains 20 amino acids including 9 essential amino acids - the ones you can only consume through your diet and can’t synthesise yourself. A rarity for a plant-based protein source. Did we mention it’s also a vegan source of Omega-3 fatty acids? 

A wholesome protein source, hemp is perfect blended into your post-workout smoothie with your favourite plant-based milk and a banana or two. Or, try out our guacamole with a twist (and ingenious name) in our recipe section. 

Spirulina Powder

69% of spirulina powder is protein. That means per 100g you can get 69g of protein, or for just one 15g serving, over 10g of protein. Not much more needs to be said really. It’s the ultimate superfood, one of the most nutrient-dense foods known to man.

Just looking at its incredibly vibrant, but completely natural green colour tells you how good this stuff is for you. Also, it’s been knocking about on the planet for over 2.4 billion years, it must be doing something right!

Wheatgrass Powder

Although it’s not quite on the same level as the other two, wheatgrass still has a notable 20g of protein per 100g. Wheatgrass is naturally high in antioxidants including both vitamin E (to protect against oxidative stress) and vitamin A (for beautiful skin and great eyesight).

You know a food is particularly super when it’s cited as being loved by ancient civilisations. In this case, the health claims relating to wheatgrass date back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Wheatgrass is a slightly misleading name given it doesn’t actually contain any wheat. But this comes as great news for those with gluten intolerances who can thankfully still create delicious juices like our Fruity Wheatgrass Juice with zingy lime!

So, there we have it – 3 superfoods packed with protein as well as an abundance of other goodies.

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