Hacks to Better Hydration

Hacks to Better Hydration

Water is something we could all probably do with more of. When you’re on the go it can be easy to forget to drink water, but when we’re living an active life, it becomes even more important to stay hydrated.

Exercising, surfing, skating, and hiking are all activities that cause us to lose water quickly – water we must replace.


Why is it important to stay hydrated?

Given we’re made up of up to 70% of the stuff, it’s no secret water is vital to good health. Water supports cognition, lubricates joints, improves sleep, and supports a healthy digestive and immune system. Water is also needed to regulate normal body temperature and deliver nutrients to our cells.


How to drink more water

On the surface it might seem simple – to stay hydrated simply drink more water. But realistically with the activities of everyday life, this is easier said than done.

Here are some useful tips to keep you topped up on H2O:

Make a routine

Build drinking water into habits you already have such as brushing your teeth or waking up in the morning. You could also make a habit of drinking something every hour on the hour. 

Have a daily target

There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and meeting it, especially if you can do this every day. Without a goal and without measuring your water intake you can be left in the dark – how much have you drank today? 1L, 2L, 3L? It’s hard to know exactly how much you drink without keeping track.

There are plenty of free apps which will help you keep track of how much water you drink and provide reminders throughout the day in case you forget.

Use a straw

Super simple - a straw can help you drink more and faster.

Drink water before you’re thirsty

Rather than waiting until your body begs you for some water, continuously sip water all day long.

Buy a large high-quality water bottle 

A large bottle will help you stay hydrated when you’re out and about. It’ll also stop you buying single-use plastic bottles which hurt your wallet and the environment. It’s also sometimes easier to drink from a bottle than a glass as you don’t have to keep going to fill it up. Keep it by your side at all times. 

Spice it up a bit

Other than when you’re desperately thirsty, water isn’t the most exciting drink in the world. That’s why spicing it up can help you stay hydrated without getting bored of the taste. Add a squeeze of lemon for a bit of zing, chia seeds for extra nutrients, protein powder for flavour and plant power. Herbal tea is also a great option for a warm drink.  

Another highly nutritious and hydrating drink that’s great before you doze off for the night is a super simple cacao hot chocolate – simply add two tbsp of cacao powder into a mug with hot water or milk and 1-2 tsp of sweetener of your choosing. The chocolatey taste might be intense but once you channel your inner Aztec, you'll be coming back for more. 


How to stay hydrated besides drinking more water

No, you don’t need to just drink water by itself to stay hydrated. Many foods contain great quantities of water. In fact, up to 20% of water intake comes from the food we eat! 

Fruits and veggies

Some fruits and veggies are actually over 90% water including zucchini, lettuce, celery, honeydew melon and watermelon – ideal hydrating foods for an action-packed day.

Rolled oats

Nutrient-dense, wholesome and hearty, oats are a Funktional favourite. Along with so many super qualities, they are highly absorbent, soaking up the water or milk added to them. This means your morning bowl of porridge can be extremely hydrating.

Maybe the summer heat is calling for a more refreshing start to the day than porridge? No worries – try these overnight oats topped with superfood yoghurt! Chilled in the fridge for a cooling and hydrating brekkie.


Soups are usually made with a base of water, making them a super hydrating meal choice. Filled with an array of veggies, they also provide nutrients to fuel you through the day. It doesn’t take much to make them even more souper ;) – Spirulina and Wheatgrass are brilliant additions to almost any soup. 


Pack your smoothies with hydrating fruits and vegetables from apples and oranges to spinach and cucumbers. With water, milk or juice smoothies can be incredibly hydrating, not to mention nutritious and delicious. A great option for when plain old water just isn’t cutting it anymore. Check out these funky smoothies

Super swaps – zoodles for pasta

Swap your regular noodles or pasta for zoodles. Never heard of zoodles? Short for zucchini noodles, zoodles are made by using a mandolin, spiralizer or julienne pealer to cut zucchini is long thin pieces. They can be sautéed, boiled, or eaten fresh! A delicious hydrating alternative to regular noodles.