4 superfoods to boost your body

4 superfoods to boost your body

When we think of healthy foods we usually think of fruit and veg and most people believe that if we get our 5 a day, our diet is full of everything we need. However, we’re here to bust those myths and let you know there are nutrients you could be missing out on. And these nutrients can be found in superfoods! 

For us to achieve the healthiest diet we can, we need to maximise the nutrients we consume throughout the day – superfoods can help us do just that. But you’re probably wondering, “what are superfoods?” 

The definition of a superfood is: “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” And that’s right! Superfoods are great ways to improve your diet by providing you with an array of nutrients. 

Take Cacao powder for example, it’s high in copper which aids iron absorption, maintains a healthy immune system, and protects cells against oxidative stress. It’s also packed with magnesium for mental alertness, full of potassium which contributes to normal blood pressure and a super source of iron for combatting tiredness. 

And Maca powder is just as super! It’s high in vitamin B2 which protects cells from oxidative stress and contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6 which contribute to the normal maintenance of the body’s systems. Vitamin B1 also supports the nervous system and B6 reduces tiredness and fatigue.  

Maca is also high in iron which helps combat tiredness, provides a source of calcium which contributes to normal muscle function and contains zinc which aids normal cognitive function. That’s not all, though, it’s also packed with fibre which helps your digestive system function normally – maca has got it all! 

Another superfood we bet you’ve heard of is Spirulina! Some people may think it’s scary and not tasty, but we think it’s awesome. It’s an amazing source of vitamin A which contributes to the normal function of the immune system, a brilliant source of iron to combat tiredness and fatigue, and it’s super high in protein for normal muscle and bone function.  

The greatness doesn’t stop there! Spirulina will also give you calcium which contributes to normal muscle function, iron which helps oxygen transport around the body, magnesium which helps reduce tiredness, and fibre for a normal digestive system. 

Last up on our list is Hemp Protein which contains all 20 amino acids, contributing to the growth of lean muscle mass. It’s also high in magnesium for mental alertness, iron to combat fatigue, fibre for a normal digestive system and omega-3 fatty acids for normal cholesterol levels. 

Now thats a lot of benefits from just a few superfoods! You are probably thinking “But how do you add these superfoods to your diet?” 

An easy way to get your superfood fix is to mix in them into your morning smoothie, porridge, overnight oats or chia pudding. You could spread superfoods on toast by mixing them with nut butter, or even stir them into your morning cup of coffee. Those are just a few suggestions though, so check out our recipe section for more ideas!