Protein and breakfast – the perfect match

Protein and breakfast – the perfect match

Whilst people fluctuate between their levels of fat and carbohydrate intake, there is something that should never change – protein. And although some people tend to skip breakfast, it provides the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your protein requirements for the day.


What's the importance of protein

A high protein diet isn’t reserved for the Arnolds of the world, everyone can benefit from the macronutrient. Protein is abundant throughout your body and its cells, building and repairing pretty much every tissue you have. It helps synthesise hormones, support the immune system, and boost metabolism, all whilst helping you lose fat and stay lean.


How much do you need?

Your protein needs depend on your goals and level/intensity of exercise, among other factors such as age, genetics, and gender. The amount varies from 60g up to 100g per day, with some athletes consuming much more than 100 grams of protein!


The best way to consume protein

Have you ever smashed a workout and then tried to load up with as much protein as physically possible? This protein unfortunately doesn’t go straight to your biceps. Because of the way our bodies work we can only process so much protein in one meal, generally between 25-35 grams. Our bodies are not capable of storing anymore and any excess is removed.

So, rather than trying to fit all your protein into one meal, spread it out throughout the day, through several meals or snacks such as our Hemp Protein Falafels. This also becomes easier when you include protein in your breakfast.


Making a case for breakfast

Some people swear by intermittent fasting, and whilst there arguably are benefits to it, a healthy, high protein breakfast can have significant advantages as well – it’s not known as the most important meal of the day nothing!

Traditional breakfasts like cereals and toast can be low in protein and high in refined sugars. A probable reason for this is that spare time is a rarity in the morning, and these are quick and easy options. However, a smoothie or breakfast bowl with a serving of hemp protein powder or one of our protein blends can come to the rescue providing a nutritious, high-protein meal that’s easy to make.

In need of inspiration? We got you. Check out our high-protein Berry Breakfast Smoothie featuring our Berry Protein Blend, or our Chocolate Overnight Oats boosted with Cacao Powder for two super simple protein-packed recipes.

Some advantages of a high protein (25-35gs) breakfast include:

  • Maintenance of muscle mass
  • Weight control – helps you curb cravings and feel full for longer
  • Better overall diet – more chance to get essential nutrients in
  • Boost performance
  • Maintain blood sugar level and jump-start your metabolism

Especially on a plant-based diet, it can be difficult to reach your protein requirements, so get that protein in for breakfast!