Use Superfoods To Boost Your Workout

Use Superfoods To Boost Your Workout

Great nutrition means great performance

With the justified buzz surrounding superfoods, it’s no wonder athletes have begun looking at foods such as hemp protein, spirulina, and maca for a more wholesome source of nutrition to fuel their performance. We’ve put together some key aspects of sports nutrition – helping you make the most of your workout.


Of course, protein

The protein you consume through your diet is used by your body to aid muscle recovery after a workout session. The true gains are realised when you work your muscles enough to damage them (not like an injury), but enough to cause tears in the muscle fibres. This is where protein works its magic, helping your muscles recover, repair, and regrow faster and allowing you to feel fresh enough to perform at your peak as soon as physically possible. For a protein-packed berrylicious shake simply add our Berry Protein Blend to your favourite milk.


Supercharged performance

Superfoods such as Hemp are full of protein but also provide a powerful nutritional punch, helping you stay healthy and performing at your best. No one has time to be sick when the gym / your workout is calling, so why not get your nutrients in whilst getting your gains?! Our hemp protein provides a handsome 49g of protein per 100g, along with magnesium, fibre, and all 9 essential amino acids. 

For something more adventurous try harnessing the power of algae with our spirulina powder. It contains a whopping 66g of protein per 100g, along with impressive levels of vitamin A, B12, calcium, magnesium, and iron.


Iron man/woman

Want legs or arms of steel? Try iron! Iron helps deliver oxygen-rich blood cells to your muscles, and keeping your levels topped up avoids feelings of tiredness and fatigue. We all know that 5km PR or lift in the gym is just not possible if you’re feeling sluggish. Better yet, eating foods rich in iron will help you workout for longer. Combined with the right protein intake, you’ll be in for some serious sessions! Our Hemp Protein powder is a perfect fusion of iron and protein – add it to smoothies, post-workout shakes, or protein pancakes.

Maca powder also contains iron as well as vitamin B2 for sustained energy. As one of the best tasting superfoods, easily blend it into smoothies or add to baking.


Healthy fats

Fats are nothing to be afraid of. As long as they have healthy origins, fats are your endurance ally – helping you go further, for longer, and at a faster pace. By providing a slow and steady release of energy, you can avoid unnecessary slumps and crashes.

So, which superfoods contain healthy fats? A taste of chocolate with no nasties, Cacao powder is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and your perfect addition to smoothies and protein shakes. Remember hemp powder? A great source of protein, iron, and now, yes, you guessed it, omega-3 fatty acids.


Rest up

Charge your batteries and try not to overdo it. Rest is key for muscle recovery so make sure you’re getting enough!

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