3 superfoods to boost your brain power

3 superfoods to boost your brain power

Suffering from a bit of brain fog? To perform to your best abilities, whether that’s for a sport, an upcoming exam, or just everyday life, it’s important for your brain to be firing on all cylinders. Adding these superfoods to your diet can help you do just that.


Cacao – 'food of the gods'

One of the secrets behind Cacao’s cognitive enhancing abilities is its high percentage of flavanols, which have shown the ability to provoke cellular activities and functions associated with memory and learning. Eating foods rich in these natural compounds may help to improve visual information processing, problem-solving and overall cognitive function.

Flavanols also have the ability to stimulate regeneration and protect vulnerable neurons in the brain and as a result have been associated with a decreased risk of cognitive decline.

If you’ve ever accidentally left your studying to the night before (we’ve probably all been there!), you’ll be pleased to know that even after a night of sleep deprivation, cacao still has the ability to improve memory and attention.

So, how can you boost cognition with cacao? One of the most convenient ways is to make a cacao hot chocolate by mixing two tablespoons of cacao with plant-based milk and a sweetener. For laser focus, have a cup when you’re studying or tackling a task that requires intense concentration.

You could also get your fix of cognitive-supporting cacao whilst also promoting lean muscle growth with our brand-new Chocolate Protein powder! Smooth mixing and delicious.


Maca – the beautiful root

Maca, which has been traditionally used by Peruvians to improve children’s ability to learn, is another superfood you can use to support brain health. It contains flavonoids and a range of amino acids such arginine, serine, and tyrosine which have the potential to prevent cognitive decline.

What's more, just one serving of Maca contains almost 20% of your recommended intake of iron, helping you stay energized and attentive. Thanks to it's mild nutty flavour, Maca makes for the perfect addition to smoothies and sweet treats - have some as a pre workout snack in our Energy Balls or before a lecture in a Superhero Smoothie


Hemp protein powder – the nutrient powerhouse

Another brilliant source of iron is Hemp Protein Powder, with one serving providing up to 24% of your daily recommended intake. Hemp is also a great plant-based source of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as magnesium which both support psychological function. A lack of magnesium is associated with irritability and disorientation. To avoid being confused and grumpy, why not try our hemp protein falafels for a protein-packed snack to boost your brainpower? Hemp is also great in baking – add it to bread, muffin, or pancake mixes for a boost of minerals.


These superfoods are perfect additions to your diet during stressful and mentally taxing times. They help your mind and body relax whilst giving you clarity and a natural boost of energy!

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