How To Bounce Back After A Slip Up

How To Bounce Back After A Slip Up

Everyone has experienced this – you’ve stuck to your workout regime for a good few weeks but after one or two late nights or a heavy weekend you skip one day… then another, and another, and suddenly you’ve been out for a month! Or you may’ve just come back from a relaxing holiday where healthy eating went out the window and exercise took a back seat. Sometimes you may even get sick or injured which leaves you unable to stay on track. It can be hard to rediscover your mojo.

However, now you’re back, ready to put in the work in – but where to start? How do you get back to the person you once were? It may feel like a mountain too high to climb – but break it into steps and you will get there.


Forget the past and start right now!

There is no point looking back, regretting, and feeling guilty about your slip up. It happened, now it’s time to do something about it. Not tomorrow, not next week, right now.


Build your habits

Building habits is a highly effective way to get back on track quickly. Here’s how:


Create new behaviours and schedule them:

If you want to eat healthier build habits such as meal prepping on the weekends, making a green smoothie every morning, hydrating as soon as you wake up, or adding superfoods to your diet. If you want to exercise more often, decide to gym in the mornings 4 times a week for example. Choose the days, be there. Schedule these new behaviours into your calendar.


Build habits into your current behaviours:

If you want to be happier, whenever you brush your teeth take those two minutes or so to list things you are grateful for. Put a post-it note on your mirror to remind yourself.

Do you love dessert? There is no reason why you can’t still have desserts but make them healthy – check out these superfood recipes. Read 10 pages before you go to bed, read 10 pages when you wake up.


It might not feel enjoyable initially, and you might question why you are doing something that feels uncomfortable, but there is a reason you want to eat healthily, get fit, get back into reading, writing, cooking, or painting. It will get easier.


Get your nutrition right

The widespread availability and low cost of processed foods mean that many people are nutrient deficient. Among many things, this can result in lowered immunity, tiredness and fatigue and mental fog. Under these conditions bouncing back becomes that much harder.

It’s vital to get enough and a range of nutrients to support your body. Healthy wholefoods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein are at the cornerstone of a nutritious diet, but superfoods can help too. Minerals such as magnesium, found in Hemp and Cacao, and iron found in Wheatgrass support your energy systems and reduce tiredness and fatigue. Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscles - try our natural plant-based protein blends to supplement your diet. Vitamin A and C found in Spirulina and our Lean Green Blend support your immune system, whilst B vitamins found in maca powder support energy as well as a range of your body’s functions such as cognition. 


Choose your snacks wisely

Have you ever accidentally gotten into the habit of eating junk food? Crisps, biscuits, chocolate, takeaways. It’s like the more you do it, the more likely you are to crave it and do it again. Luckily this is true for healthy foods too. Get into a habit of creating delicious and nutritious snacks such as superfood boosted protein bites, energy oat cookies or smoothies loaded with berries. Try batch cooking superfood snacks at the weekend so that you have snacks throughout the week and won’t be tempted by convenience processed foods.


Have a plan and set specific goals

Without a solid plan, it can be difficult to find the motivation to break old habits and build new ones. You need to know why you’re doing it, how you plan to do it, and when you plan to have it done by. For example, don’t go to the gym and decide when you get there what you will work out. Create a monthly workout plan and set goals, making sure to track them as you go along. Progress is addictive.


Find someone to go on the journey with you

On the days you don’t feel motivated, your mate will provide the support you need to push on and vice versa. The journey becomes more real, and you become accountable for the goals you’ve set. For example, simply knowing this person expects to see you will be enough motivation to get you out of bed and in the gym.


Once you’re well and truly back on track make sure to be aware and identify when you feel yourself slipping out of the habits you worked so hard to form. Everyone will have setbacks, but the key is to get back on track quickly.